Umpiring Support at BMNA

People who can assist and support you to become an umpire at BMNA

  1. The BMNA Umpire Convener

    2019: BMNA Umpire Convenor:     Gillian Scott          Email:

  • The BMNA Umpire Convener’s responsibilities has responsibility for:
  1. Organising the coaching and grading of umpires
  2. Supporting and encouraging umpires in achieving their goals
  3. Allocating umpires for carnivals & other BMNA endorsed competitions
  4. Submitting expressions of interest for BMNA umpires for state level
  5. Working with club umpire conveners to improve umpiring at BMNA

 2. Club Umpire Conveners  

  • A club convener plays an important leadership role within a club by establishing the standard of umpiring from junior through to senior. Nominated conveners for each club have responsibility for:
  1. Being the BMNA point of contact for club umpires and club umpiring matters
  2. Educating and training merit badges under the Umpire Pathways Guidelines
  3. Assigning umpires from their clubs to standard competition games
  4. Encouraging all club members to learn the Official Rules of Netball
  5. Being available at the ground to respond to any queries


2018 BMNA Conveners




Contact email

Gillian Scott

BMNA Umpire Convenor

Lisa Clough

LGNC Umpire Convenor

Olivia Silk

Blaxland Redbacks NC Umpire Convenor 

Jo Davis

Blaxland Warrimoo NC Umpire Convenor

Chrischelle Ebb

Katoomba Netball Club Umpire Convenor

Brooke Stewart

St. Finbar's Netball Club Umpire Convenor

Katie Thomas 

Springwood Netball Club Umpire Convenor

Nicole Carvasiglia

Faulconbridge Netball Club Umpire Convenor

Chelsie Bedding

Mid Mountains NC Umpire Co-Convenor